Green Ocean 1 is a M.S class vessel Built for deep sea sailing.

It may not look fanciful but it delivers in rough weather and is the most comfortable and enjoyable ride in andaman sea.

Beside the charm of sailing on a true class vessel one has the advantage of open deck view and music and fun onboard unlike any other vessel in andamans.

The vessel has a capacity of 316 seats divided between upper deck-royal class, middle deck-luxury class, and lower deck-deluxe class. the middle deck also hosts a fabulous cafeteria. there is an open floor dance and music for passengers to unwind with an uncompromising view of green coastline as the ship sails all along the andaman sea

The ship sails for portblair-havelock trips, daily and usually takes about 2hrs and 15 min for a one way journey between the destinations

Onboarding / Transit Procedures

Open Air Cafeteria

Unlike any other cruise Green Ocean has an open air cafeteria on board with ample space and seating for travellers savour the food in style and comfort while soaking in the idyllic beauty of the coastline cruising to havelock island.The cafeteria servers various packaged foods , beverages and others delicacies and is also is the most happening place on the ship.


Green Ocean Multimedia system on board provides entertainment to travellers seated in the comfort on the centralized air conditioning system.

On Boarding

The onboarding procedures involves the following steps
  • CISF security check at the gate on entering the port area.
  • Checkin at the checkin counter.
  • Tag Baggage and handling
  • Gangway walk in for onboarding
  • Boarding pass stubbing
  • Embarkation and seating of passengers and sail

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